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Ending the GED Stigma by Edwin Ployhart

February 7, 2014

There is an unfortunate stigma attached to the GED (General Education Development), with some assigning the exam and achievement certificate the cruel name of “Good Enough Diploma.” What these individuals do not understand is that the GED exam is not the easy way out nor does it mean a student wasn’t smart enough to finish school. And it certainly doesn’t eliminate a person’s chance for a successful life.

The GED exam is normalized with each year’s graduating senior class. This means that a large number of students who will soon graduate take the GED to create the base score required to pass. Anyone scoring in the top 60 percent, compared to the control group, will be awarded their certificate. Based on how the test is scored, this means that 40 percent of graduating high school seniors would not be able to pass the test. What employers and colleges can determine from an applicant who earned a GED is that the individual possesses as much knowledge as a high-school graduate but also has the dedication to earn their GED and the ability to overcome some form of adversity.

Edwin Ployhart the story of a successful GED recipient, serving as Vice President of Jet-Way, Inc., based in Harwood, North Dakota.