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Helping Others Helps You, by Edwin Ployhart

January 30, 2014

Everyone has the general knowledge that helping others is a good thing to do, and many people enjoy a sense of accomplishment when they selflessly do good deeds. But how many know that these good acts actually have tangible benefits for health and wellness? Studies show that altruistic behavior—when the individual actually cares about helping and not just performs the task out of obligation—is directly linked to a lower risk of mortality.

Two major findings state that volunteerism helps with chronic pain and lowers depression. Experts say that the release of endorphins caused by helping others can elevate mood, while others speculate that do-gooders are more aware of their blessings when seeing the plight of others.

In either case, it appears that the human brain is hardwired to help others in need, receiving emotional benefits from acts of kindness. The physical benefits of lowered stress and positive endorphins decrease many risk factors for heart disease and gastrointestinal disorders while boosting the immune system to fight off viruses.

Edwin Ployhart is co-founder and Vice President of Jet-Way, Inc. in North Dakota. Ployhart actively helps his community by building playgrounds, being a scout leader, and supporting Churches United for the Homeless.