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Understanding Dry Ice Blasting, By Edwin Ployhart

August 11, 2014

Industrial service providers use a variety of techniques to deal with the different types of cleaning and disposal issues they face. Edwin Ployhart, owner of Jet-Way Inc., a North Dakota-based industrial service provider, provides a primer on dry-ice blasting in industrial clean-up.

Dry-ice blasting involves spraying frozen carbon dioxide pellets, or dry ice, from a high-pressure hose on an area to be cleaned. The pellets strike the area at such a high rate of speed that they abrade the area, cleaning accumulated dirt and residue. The technique can be used for a wide array of projects, such as cleaning electrical parts, and on a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and steel.

Dry-ice blasting is similar to the more widely known process of sandblasting, but offers a number of advantages over sandblasting and alternative methods involving cleaning solvents. Because the dry-ice pellets dissipate, there is no residue and there is no disposal of dangerous chemicals. Thus, post-blasting clean-up requires far less time and expense. Additionally, a cleaner can customize the pressure of the dry-ice blaster, minimizing damage to surfaces during cleaning. As a result, dry-ice blasting provides a versatile, cost-effective cleaning technique for a variety of uses.

Edwin Ployhart has provided industrial cleaning services through Jet-Way Inc. for more than 30 years.