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Understanding Dry Ice Blasting, By Edwin Ployhart

August 11, 2014

Industrial service providers use a variety of techniques to deal with the different types of cleaning and disposal issues they face. Edwin Ployhart, owner of Jet-Way Inc., a North Dakota-based industrial service provider, provides a primer on dry-ice blasting in industrial clean-up.

Dry-ice blasting involves spraying frozen carbon dioxide pellets, or dry ice, from a high-pressure hose on an area to be cleaned. The pellets strike the area at such a high rate of speed that they abrade the area, cleaning accumulated dirt and residue. The technique can be used for a wide array of projects, such as cleaning electrical parts, and on a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and steel.

Dry-ice blasting is similar to the more widely known process of sandblasting, but offers a number of advantages over sandblasting and alternative methods involving cleaning solvents. Because the dry-ice pellets dissipate, there is no residue and there is no disposal of dangerous chemicals. Thus, post-blasting clean-up requires far less time and expense. Additionally, a cleaner can customize the pressure of the dry-ice blaster, minimizing damage to surfaces during cleaning. As a result, dry-ice blasting provides a versatile, cost-effective cleaning technique for a variety of uses.

Edwin Ployhart has provided industrial cleaning services through Jet-Way Inc. for more than 30 years.


Helping Others Helps You, by Edwin Ployhart

January 30, 2014

Everyone has the general knowledge that helping others is a good thing to do, and many people enjoy a sense of accomplishment when they selflessly do good deeds. But how many know that these good acts actually have tangible benefits for health and wellness? Studies show that altruistic behavior—when the individual actually cares about helping and not just performs the task out of obligation—is directly linked to a lower risk of mortality.

Two major findings state that volunteerism helps with chronic pain and lowers depression. Experts say that the release of endorphins caused by helping others can elevate mood, while others speculate that do-gooders are more aware of their blessings when seeing the plight of others.

In either case, it appears that the human brain is hardwired to help others in need, receiving emotional benefits from acts of kindness. The physical benefits of lowered stress and positive endorphins decrease many risk factors for heart disease and gastrointestinal disorders while boosting the immune system to fight off viruses.

Edwin Ployhart is co-founder and Vice President of Jet-Way, Inc. in North Dakota. Ployhart actively helps his community by building playgrounds, being a scout leader, and supporting Churches United for the Homeless.

A Brief Overview of Services Offered by Jet-Way Multiple Services, Inc. (Part I of II)

January 9, 2013

Prepared by Edwin Ployhart and Staff

Founded and run by Edwin Ployhart and his wife Peggy Ployhart, Jet-Way Multiple Services, Inc., of Harwood, North Dakota, owns and operates the heavy machinery required for everything from routine plant cleaning and maintenance to various industrial, commercial, and municipal projects. For instance, the company possesses industrial waterblasters capable of producing up to 20,000 psi and specifically designed to remove buildup inside pipes, vessels, and other storage and delivery devices, as well as from other surfaces that require heavy-duty cleaning. Jet-Way’s machinery removes sand, concrete, dirt, lime, and other materials that can collect and solidify.

Jet-Way also offers industrial cleaning using state-of-the-art wet/dry vacuums equipped with their own filter systems. In possession of some of the largest, most powerful vacuums available on the market, the company can remove sand, gravel, mud, or other byproducts and spillage. Furthermore, the firm maintains the capabilities to move product from one container to another and to remove dust to eliminate the possibility of combustion. All of the company’s hoses meet stringent safety requirements.